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    Ready mix concrete mixing house how to meet environmental requirements

    03-08-2017 Views:

    Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant how to achieve environmental requirements for the realization of "low-carbon economy", the implementation of China's green building materials development, ready-mixed concrete mixing plant must do a good job of dust environmental protection measures. In order to start from the source, customers should choose when the purchase of new peak-building environment-friendly concrete mixing plant. Here to introduce you to the new peak construction of environmental protection measures: "
    1. Mixer dust and dust control
    In the environment-friendly ready-mix concrete mixing plant mixing host and batching machine should be located in a closed mixing building, and also need to be equipped with dust collection facilities, hand management, regular maintenance or replacement. In the mixing layer of raw materials on the material, ingredients, mixing equipment must be fully enclosed.
    At the same time the user in the course of the use of all mixing stations prohibit unauthorized outage, removal, idle dust pollution control facilities. And still in the mixing tower concrete discharge port should be equipped with facilities to prevent the splash of concrete, ground production waste residue should be promptly cleaned, keep the host under the mouth of the mouth clean, to prevent the deposition of concrete.
    2. Silo dust and dust control
    The mix of silos in the environment-friendly ready-mix concrete mixing plant should take closed silo. The powder silos and aggregate silos laid out in the closed mixing building must be equipped with pulsed bag dust removal facilities. Dust removal facilities need to have someone to manage maintenance, and regular cleaning and replacement of filter (material), to ensure the normal operation of dust removal facilities.
    3. Aggregate conveyor belt dust and dust control
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