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    Commercial concrete station full set of equipment prices

    02-08-2017 Views:

      What is the full set of equipment for concrete station? With the continuous development of urban modernization, in the past, the way of production of concrete from the site because of its quality is difficult to guarantee, noise and dust pollution, and thus will be replaced by automatic control of concrete mixing plant. Zhengzhou Zheng Cheng mechanical design of the concrete mixing station using computer control system, the control system is a set of concrete for the production of fully automated electronic dosing, control device, which consists of industrial computer, console and distribution cabinet composed of three parts, Set the formula, automatic, continuous control of various parts of the material weighing, feeding, mixing and discharge.
      The concrete station equipment includes PLD concrete batching machine, js concrete mixer, cement warehouse, spiral, belt machine, weighing system, electric control system, electrical system, control room and so on. Recently, according to market demand, Xinjiang Shihezi new build a mixed station, customers from Zhengzhou Chuangcheng machinery to buy a set of hzs120 concrete mixing plant, after more than 10 days of installation, commissioning, has been successfully put into operation, has been processed out of 20,000 square concrete , Applied in the local infrastructure construction.
      Commercial concrete with centralized mixing, for the commercialization of the supply of society, the construction industry is relying on technological progress to change the mode of production, to achieve an important reform of the construction industry. Commercial concrete can improve the quality of concrete projects, save raw materials, speed up the construction progress, improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity, improve the urban environment, have a higher social benefits. In the actual production, ready-mixed concrete can be used in new technologies, new technology, new materials, such as new additives and materials applications, the application of various aggregates, a variety of cement applications or composite applications, there have been a variety of special purposes Concrete.
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