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    Maintenance method of stable soil mixing station

    02-08-2017 Views:

      1, after the shutdown of the mixer material in a timely manner clean, the final material within the silo timely release. The cement tank is closed and the powder in the two spirits of the cement is turned empty. So as to avoid prolonged downtime damp gambling.
      2, fastening the mixer blade, to the various bearings refueling. Remove the stick on the belt roller, and clean up the belt in time to disperse the material on the ground.
      3, rainy weather should pay attention to whether there is water around the control cabinet, to promptly exclude the electrical control cabinet around the water and equipment around the motor water.
      4, the rain should be motor reducer air compressor vibrator and so on to prevent rain.
      5, the machine is generally a year paint, the whole oil is changed once a year. Reducer is generally changed once a year.
      6, often check the belt roller, a rotation is not smooth to repair refueling in time. Lubrication time and type of refueling Refer to the equipment manual.
      7, the replacement of oil when the electric drum is prohibited to join the gear oil. Because the gear oil will be corrosive to the motor enameled wire. Generally joined the No. 46 mechanical oil. Or ordinary bulk oil. Diesel oil or transformer oil can also be. Generally this kind of oil is relatively thin Insulation performance is good. Good heat dissipation.
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