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    Routine maintenance of concrete batching machine

    01-08-2017 Views:

      1, before the class should check whether the weighing device is in normal working condition, such as jamming and other effects of weighing accuracy should be promptly ruled out.
      2, check the electrical part of the wiring is correct and firm, the electrical box shell is firmly grounded.
      3, in the operation at any time to check whether the operation of the normal operation of the belt, whether the deviation of the conveyor belt, belt and driven roller between the presence or absence of foreign matter fall, if abnormal circumstances immediately stop.
      4, the activities of the site should be filled with butter, belt roller once a year to remove the refueling.
      5, in the maintenance of the machine, you must shut down and cut off the total power.
      6, ingredients control instrument should be rain, sun, dust-proof facilities.
      7, to prevent sand, stones mixed with steel, large stones and other debris, so as not to damage the conveyor belt.
      8, in order to protect the safety of the ingredients control system, in the storms, thunder and other adverse weather conditions do not use, and turn off the total power, remove the sensor and the controller between the controller to prevent damage to the controller.
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